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  • Cortland Precision Striped Bass Floating Fly Line

Cortland Precision Striped Bass Floating Fly Line

$ 39.99 $ 69.99



A floating fly line designed for chasing stripers in the Northeast. Rocket2 taper design stays directionally stable even in the windiest of conditions. 

Cortland Precision® Tapers are an exciting new line of species specific fly lines designed to turn over flies perfectly, accurately, every time. The Precision Tapers also feature Cortland’s newest performance enhancer, Duraslik®. Duraslik® is an entirely new formulation that dramatically increases durability and ensures that these lines will stay slick.

Cortland, the innovator of the original Rocket taper, now introduces the Rocket2 taper design - more weight up front for directional stability, with a long front taper for delicate, precise presentations backed up by an extra long back taper for maximum aerialization.


  • Taper: WF Rocket2
  • Weight: 9
  • Length: 30 yds
  • Type: Floating
  • Color: SL Green/Ice Blue

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