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The Tormenter Sidewinder Spreader Bars are specially designed directional spreader bars with track directions of Port, Center, or Starboard. Having different track directions gets your baits out of the prop wash, as well as separating your baits without the need for outriggers. This allows you to get more baits in your spread without increasing lines and makes Tormenter Sidewinder Spreader Bars one of the best directional bars on the market.

The Tormenter Sidewinder Spreader Bars feature a 36" sidewinder directional bar made from 1/8" 316 stainless steel, and feature nickel plated brass swivel sleeves. The directional bar is flexible and the ends sport black rubber tips to protect your legs, and your boat.

Rigged on a 9" Looney Bird made from Lexan polycarbonate, the Tormenter Sidewinder Spreader Bar includes 200 lb Momoi line, holding 14 teaser squids measuring 9" each. Attached behind the last teaser squid, with a 200 lb snap swivel, is a Tormenter Ocean TMK Stinger Bait Lure and a 7691 Stainless steel 8/0 hook.