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The Sebile Bull Minnow is a wider action bait that is ideal for power fishing (Retrieving/jerking/pulling) situations when fish are active. The Bull Minnow is designed to be versatile. As a power jerkbait, the Bull Minnow is designed to handle aggressive fishing by anglers. Unlike other humpback-shaped minnows, the Bull Minnow can be retrieved at higher speeds while remaining stable and tracking true!  


  • Designed with a 360 degree rotating belly hook preventing fish from gaining leverage and throwing bait
  • Constant action is ideal for cast and retrieve techniques
  • Tail weighted design allows for better casting knocking noise
  • Rocket version geared to make super long casts and includes extra single hooks  
 Model Length Weight Type Depth
BMI-152-RKT 6in | 15cm 2 7/8 OZ Crankbait (Rocket) 3'-6' | 0.9m-2m

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