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The unique Tsunami Shield series of saltwater proof spinning reels feature up to 13 internal seals in key, strategic locations to shield critical components from harmful saltwater intrusion. The internal seals, super smooth and strong CF3 carbon fiber drag system and 5 sealed stainless steel bearings are wrapped in a hybrid machined aluminum body combining protection, precision and toughness. The heavy-duty rotor brake controlled bail system and precision machined aluminum, braid-ready spool assure the best control of super braids cast after long cast.

  • Hybrid all metal construction includes precision
  • Machined aircraft aluminum
  • Tempered aluminum precision stampings and heavy duty protective anodizing

The combination of these top-notch designs and precisely mated components are what make the Tsunami Shield spinning reels an all new contender for your favorite reel for years to come!

Model Braid Capacity Seals Ratio Bearings
TSSHD3000 10/220 10 5.1:1 4+1
TSSHD4000 15/300 10 5.1:1 4+1
TSSHD5000 30/400 13 4.9:1 4+1
TSSHD6000 30/450 13 4.9:1 4+1
TSSHD8000 65/300 13 4.9:1 4+1