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Buy a 3-Tand TF-40 Lightweight Fly Reel and Get a FREE Fly Line & Backing!

  • $ 20995

The TF-40 is the ultimate dry fly reel, and then some. It caters to 3-5 weight fly lines, which makes it a deadly weapon for a multitude of environments. It’s ready to deal with the aftermath of a frothy top water eat from a warm water species like bass, pickerel, and walleye and deliver your nymph rig or dry fly into holding water with delicate accuracy for picky trout.

At just 3.5oz, the TF-40 gives you the control you need to present your fly in almost every conceivable situation. A true sealed freshwater reel with a buttery smooth drag and classic looks. If you fish freshwater, you better open your eyes to the TF-40.


  • Weights 3-5
  • Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc

* Comes fully loaded with dacron backing and a quality weight forward floating line!

 Model Weight Spool Size Dacron Capacity
TF-40 3.5 oz 3.0" X 0.83" WF4F 60/20lb 

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