AIRFLO SNIPER 4 Season Floating Fly Line

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When targeting stripers or other cold to cold-ish water predators, you need a line that is not only agressive in the taper, but also tough as nails to withstand the abuse of some challenging environments.

The Sniper line is born from our long-time favorite 40+ family of lines. The front taper has been shortened and the tip made thicker for turning over some big, heavy, meaty flies. Its belly and rear taper design like all of our 40+ family lines are dialed for easy distance casting. This all new 4 Season Sniper line features a running line for withstanding any climate you may find yourself in – most importantly, they can survive the brutal heat of a sun-baked boat deck in the summer.


Tip & Front Taper: Short, aggressive front taper and thick tip for turning over heavy presentations.

Belly: The 22′ belly allows for longer casts.

Rear Taper: The extra short rear taper helps generate maximum line speed and helps with easy loading for quick casts.

Running line: All floating