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    Sharks locate distant feeding opportunities mainly through scent. Bloodstream creates a Chum Slick throughout the water column and draws sharks from miles away.

    When the ingredients are mixed together, a solid block of chum forms. Place the block in the included chum bag and hang off the back of the boat or suspend it deep below the boat to attract many pelagic species. BloodStream is also very effective in attracting Sharks when fishing from shore. (We must caution you to make absolutely sure that there are no swimmers or surfers in the area you are fishing, for obvious reasons!).

    Bloodstream Top Predator Chum is a blood based shark fishing chum that combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily prey species, bait-fish oils and solids that draws sharks from miles away. Each 5 lb kit contains the scent equivalent of 100 lbs of fresh bloody chum. Continuous slow dissolving formula lasts up to 8 hours.