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      The T-120 is versatile mid-arbor creature designed for strong applications in both fresh and salt. A perfect 7-8 Weight Spey reel with enough bulk to balance out those long sticks and enough stopping power to wrestle the healthy wild Steelhead and Salmon that call the Pacific Northwest home. If your head is more inclined to chase Saltwater species, then what you have here is a beast of 11-12 weight. You will have Tarpon, Jacks, Kingfish, Wahoo and GT’s second guessing there decision to scoop that fly out of the feeding zone.

      A deep spool allows you to lay the backing on heavy and get ready dig in for battle with 20+ lbs of available drag. A fully interchangeable spool system allows the frame to accept a T-100 spool if you want to swap spools and increase arbor size, or scale down you backing for smaller game fish. No matter what you choose to do with it, the T-120 is a beast through and through.


      • Weights 11-12
      • Drag Technology 4 NanoCF Drag™ Discs
      Model Weight Spool Size Dacron Capacity
      T-120 9.5 oz 4.25" X 1.35" WF12F 275lb/30lb