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    Daddy Mac Cape Cod Lures are through wired, and feature a 5/0 VMC Siwash hook, 90 lb. Rosco split ring, and clear 3D eyes. Weight forward, lifelike gills, epoxy coated, and reflective finish.

    Ideal for Striped bass (Rockfish), Bluefish, Cod, Haddock, Tautog, Sea Bass, Red Drum, Pollock, Porgy (Scup), Summer Flounder (Fluke), Snook, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Kingfish and Grouper.

    • Through wired
    • Clear 3D eyes
    • Weight forward
    • Lifelike gill
    • Epoxy coated
    • Reflective finish
    • Rosco® 90 lb. split ring
    • VMC® 5/0 Siwash hook