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    What makes traveling in the outdoors special? Perhaps the chill realization that a polar bear’s eyes are fixed on you. Maybe it’s the chance meeting with a man who buries sharks in a beach, only to dig them up months later, not out of morbid curiosity, but for food. Perhaps it’s the undulating wing-beat of a dark, shell-less gastropod in the canal of a seventeenth-century French seaport, or the criminal history of a rusting ship with a tree growing from its hold.
    Encounters from a Kayak celebrates the magical experiences that surround sea kayaking. It’s about the animals, people, and special places around the globe that have grabbed the attention of renowned kayaker and writer Nigel Foster. His irrepressible curiosity drives him to tease out the unexpected stories hidden behind his subjects. These nuggets from around the world are bound together by water and a centuries-old form of sea travel: kayaking.