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G-Loomis IMX Classic Steelhead Series Casting Rod

  • $ 40000


This rod was designed for winter steelhead where sensitivity is important. On the average, winter-run steelhead run larger than their summer cousins and more power is better. Rated for up to 17 pound line, itês strong enough for kings, but is better suited for Silvers, Chums or Sockeye. It's our best all around drift rod and thanks to IMX is extremely light and ultra-sensitive! Advantage angler!

  • Length: 8' 6"
  • Handle: A
  • Line Weight: 8 - 17
  • Lure Weight: 3/8 - 1
  • Power: Med-Heavy
  • Action: Fast


The further north you travel through steelhead country, the longer the rods. When you see the size of the rivers, itês easy to see why. Rivers in the northern half of west central Washington are long rod country. This nine-footer handles the long leaders and light rigs required for the low, clear water of summer, and the heavier rigs required to fish the high, emerald green water of December. Its IMX because sensitivity is the name of the game and lighter is better!

  • Length: 9'
  • Handle: A
  • Line Weight: 8 - 12
  • Lure Weight: 3/8 - 3/4
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast

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