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Please welcome the Northar Bottle Darter's little brother! The all new Northbar Junior Bottle Darter fills a huge need in anglers lure bags offering the same great casting, incredible action and durability, just in a smaller size and weight. This all new size weighs in at 1-5/8oz and is 6" long making it a great choice for anglers looking to fish lighter rods which could not handle the original North Bar Bottle Darter (2.5oz 7").

Northbar Junior Bottle Darter Lures can be fished in all of the same situations as it's larger sibling and it now works even better in shallow water conditions. It excels on the surf of the North East fishing great on the rock reefs and sand bars. It's a great choice to fish in the inlets, bays and backwaters proving effective on striped bass and other game species like bluefish, redfish, tarpon and snook.

Looking for a small-medium sized lure that attracts big fish bites? In development and testing the North Bar Junior Bottle Darter hooked and landed many fish over 30 pounds proving to be a very effective on quality size fish.