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    The Plano 3349-22 is a double sided tackle organizer designed for small fishing tackle accessories such as inline spinners or jigs and terminal tackle items. Perfect for small tackle, the 3449-22 is a versatile double-sided StowAway that gives you the option of forming 10-20 compartments.

    The clear box allows you to easily view the contents and it includes a secure latching system. We especially like this box for walking the shoreline or hiking into backwoods fishing areas as it can be used to store your terminal tackle - hooks, weights and snaps. The strong, durable latch offers peace of mind knowing your gear is securely stored away and will remain that way.


    • Perfect for small tackle
    • Double-sided StowAway
    • 10-20 adjustable compartments
    • Secure latching system
    • Model #344922

    Measures 6.5" x 4" x 2.13" and possesses 10-20 adjustable compartments.