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    The Quantum® Boca® PT™ Spinning Reel features ultra-protective multi-layer SaltGuard saltwater coatings to keep it burning in the lures and haulin' in trophies outing after outing, whether you're fishing for redfish inshore or targeting sailfish in bluewater!

    SCR™ alloy body and sidecover are incredibly strong and surprisingly lightweight—the 60 and 80 models also feature an SCR™ alloy rotor, while the 40 and 50 models boast a carbon composite rotor. SCR™ is formulated without the impurities that act as a catalyst for salt-activated corrosive action in less advanced materials.

    The Quantum® Boca® PT™ spinning reel also boasts 7 bearings to provide a silky smooth retrieve, and the drag and powerful magnum clutch are sealed against saltwater intrusion. LMS™ line management system minimizes tangling and wrapping during the cast, and a TiMag® titanium fail-proof bail system features a magnetic trip for ease of casting.


    • 7 PT™ bearings
    • Sealed Drag
    • Sealed Magnum™ Clutch
    • TiMag® titanium fail-proof bail system with magnetic trip
    • LMS™ line management system with ball-bearing line roller
    • SaltGuard™ 2.0 multi-layer corrosion protection
    • SCR™ alloy body and side cover
    • SCR™ alloy rotor on 60 and 80 models
    • Carbon Fiber composite rotor on 40 and 50 models

    **We'll professionally spool the reel with mono or braid of your choice for FREE! We'll contact you about pound test preference. Subject to availability.

    Model Gear Ratio IPT (in.) Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Max Drag (lbs) Weight
    BSP40PTsE 5.3:1 32 230/10 270/30 20 lbs 13.3 oz
    BSP50PTSE 5.3:1 34 225/12 325/30 20 lbs 13.7 oz
    BSP60PTSE 4.9:1 35 300/14 320/50 30 lbs 23.4 oz
    BSP80PTSE 4.9:1 38 300/20 380/65 30 lbs 24.2 oz
    BSP100PTsE 4.4:1 40 430/20 480/65 45 lbs 31.9 oz
    BSP120PTsE 4.4:1 42 530/20 400/100 45 lbs 32.3 oz