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RIO’s GripShooter is based on the very popular SlickShooter, but has a thick, coated handling section that makes it very easy to grip in cold conditions. The thin nylon shooting line gives caster’s the maximum distance and is light enough to hold off the water at range and allow anglers great control of their head and fly far out in the swing. A neat 8" welded loop at the front end allows for fast and efficient head changes.


  • Thick, highly visible handling section for grip, durability and visibility

Model Size Handling Section Length Color
6-19040 25 lb 16ft / 0.037" 100ft / 30.5m Blue
6-19041 35 lb 17ft / 0.040" 100ft / 30.5m Green
6-19042 44 lb 18ft / 0.043" 100ft / 30.5m Red
6-19043 50 lb 19ft / 0.045" 100ft / 30.5m Yellow