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This limited edition one time inaugural release pattern features a hand painted design evoking a spring scene.  Individually hand painted white cherry blossoms waft throughout Naia’s entire silhouette; just like fresh fragrant blooms filling the spring air.  The flower laden tree branches rest over a crystal spring, signifying new life and purpose in this world.  

A total of one hundred and eleven pieces have been created to commemorate the inception of StrategicAngler® (January 2011).

Included in this 111 piece inaugural set, there are 11 special numbered pieces that feature several hand painted koi swimming in the spring waters underneath pink cherry blossoms.  These serialized numbers represent various milestones for StrategicAngler® and will be individually sealed and shuffled amongst the rest of the lures upon completion.  Everyone will have a random, equal chance in obtaining these special pieces.

I guarantee that no two lures are alike, and each lure is serialized and signed as they are completed.  Over 15 hours of painstaking work have been put into each lure (over a span of six weeks) with multiple coats of epoxy for added clarity, depth, and strength.  This inaugural release pattern will include my personal signature on the lure and sealed within the artwork.   The first 111 Naia lures will each come in their own box, shuffled and distributed.