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    The Savage Gear Darting Sand Eel was designed with a darting/swimming action that drives fish crazy. The tail section of the bait was designed with micro actions to mimic swimming/hurt baitfish. A specially designed darter head with super strong hook means not only will this bait will dart like the real thing, but once a fish is hooked is strong enough to bring the fish to the boat.


    • Intense wounded baitfish Darting action on a twitch retrieve.
    • Extra strong hook with sand eel shaped darting jig head
    • Available in all the top colors.
    • Micro tail kicking action on the fall and pauses.
    • Superb for speed retrieves and trolling.
    • Deadly on inshore and offshore species
    Model Weight Length Type
    SED-J200 3/4 oz 8" Sinking