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      The 3D Floating Skirt Frog Lure features PVC Skirt Legs made of floating material so legs do not sink and drag the frog under water. Skirt Legs float high on the surface giving a silhouette that is distinctly different from all other frogs on the market. Floating skirt legs move in a kicking action on the surface of the water on a twitch retrieve creating more surface commotion in turn generating more strikes from bass.
      • Hollow body collapses easily on bite for increased hook up ratio.
      • Life-like paint jobs and finishes.
      • Extra strong double frog hook

          Model Length Type
          HF-70-BY 2 3/4" Floating
          HF-70-DL 2 3/4" Floating
          HF-70-GLG 2 3/4" Floating
          HF-70-WLM 2 3/4" Floating