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This slow sinking glide bait has been a proven fishing catcher is Savage Gear Europe’s line up for years, and now we are bringing it to the U.S.A. The Freestyler is meant for power fishing to cover water quickly while drawing strikes from aggressively feeding fish. Whether on a fast retrieve or a twitch and go retrieve this bait gets bit. Through wire construction, heavy split rings and high quality treble and single hooks make sure fish stay buttoned on once hooked.


Long casting one piece panic glide bait.
Great on a fast retrieve or stop and go retrieve.
Rigged with premium ultra-sharp hooks and split rings.
Designed to cover water quickly for aggressive fish.
Each bait comes rigged with premium treble hooks with single hooks included in package.
Model Length Weight
FS-175 6 3/4 in 3 1/4 oz