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Comprising the Pulse Tail Bluegill, Pulse Tail Shiner, Pulse Tail Mullet and Pulse Tail Baitfish, this innovative lineup excels at stimulating a predator’s feeding instinct. The first three baits are designed after particular forage, while the Pulse Tail Baitfish presents a more broadly applicable form that easily resembles a wide range of freshwater and saltwater forage species. For each of these models, the split rear fin design creates a realistic pulse swimming action that mimics the surge of a fleeing forage fish.

“The unique design of the Pulse Tail baits creates an unmistakable motion that moves a lot of water and entices predators,” said Savage Gear Product Designer Jose Chavez. “Throw this bait wherever your target species roams and they won’t be able to resist it.”

Length  Weight Type
8" 3 7/8 oz Sinking