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    You won't find a higher quality kayak ceiling hoist than this! Includes stainless steel precision pulleys and hardware. Self-locking safety cleat protects you and your watercraft from an accidental release.

    Lift your kayak, canoe, or SUP with ease as the kayak ceiling hanger is designed with a mechanical lifting advantage which makes:

        • Lifting 45lbs feel like lifting 23lbs due to a 2:1 Mechanical Lifting Advantage
        • Lifting 60lbs feel like lifting 20lbs due to a 3:1 Mechanical Lifting Advantage
        • Lifting 90lbs feel like lifting 23lbs due to a 4:1 Mechanical Lifting Advantage
        • Lifting 145lbs feel like lifting 24lbs due to a 6:1 Mechanical Lifting Advantage
        • Lifting 200lbs feel like lifting 25lbs due to a 8:1 Mechanical Lifting Advantage
    Kayak pulley storage available in five weight capacities: 45 lbs, 60, lbs, 90 lbs, 145 lbs, and 200 lb

    • This kayak garage hoist includes stainless steel precision pulleys and hardware.
    • Kayak ceiling hanger minimum lifting load is 10 lbs
    • 4 point lifting system
    • Kayak pulley storage is designed for a 10' ceiling
    • Easy one-person operation with a single control rope
    • Self-locking safety cleat grips instantly if accidentally released
    • Use with boat stands for make the process easier when loading and unloading (sold separately)
    • Made in the USA

    Depending on your ceiling mounting options, you may need to purchase separately 2 pine boards (2"x6"x6") & 8 Lag bolts and washers (5/16" x 4").