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      The VM Series, like all Van Staal reels, is designed to be extremely durable and is built with the highest quality materials. However, unlike the VS and VSB reels, the VM is not designed to be submerged and periodic service by the consumer is necessary to keep this reel operating at peak performance. The VM Series also has a serviceable side cove and the entire reel can be disassembled and reassembled easily by the consumer with a limited number of tools.
      If your VM is submerged or exposed to extremely harsh saltwater conditions it is important that it be opened up, cleaned and re-lubricated. We recommend your reel be periodically serviced by a Van Staal Authorized Service and Warranty Center to maintain the reel's optimal performance.

      Model Mono Cap Braid Cap Gear Ratio Spool Diameter Line Retrieve
      VM150 285 yd. / 12 lb 350 yds. / 30 lb 4.9:1 2.350" 33" / Turn
      VM275 425 yd. / 25 lb 400 yds. / 80 lb 4.4:1 3.000" 42" / Turn