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Water Gremlin’s Premium Steel Slip Sinkers are named Gremlin Green and are one of the true environmentally-friendly sinkers on the market. The perfectly round hole stays round, with no jagged edges, so it doesn’t fray your line. With its full-length, streamlined shape and concave base that covers the nose of the worm, the Gremlin Green Slip Sinker is designed to slide through the water and go after those hard-to-get-at bass. It allows your rig to sneak through weeds, moss and brush while minimizing tangles and hang-ups.

  • Steel construction
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Non-chafing around edges
  • Streamlined shape
  • Concave base
  • Great for hard-to-get-to areas

Model Quantity
ZPSLS-0 16 per pack
ZPSLS-1 14 per pack
ZPSLS-2 12 per pack
ZPSLS-3 11 per pack