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Just In! Major Craft Tungsten Jigs!

Just In! Major Craft Tungsten Jigs!

Matthew Whittle |

New Major Craft Tungsten Jigpara Jigs - Cast like a bullet, Get down fast, and Stay down.  Most importantly..They Flat Out Catch Like Mad!


The staff at the Goose has been ordering these jigs from Japan for a while now, and have become an essential part of our seabass arsenal. Once they became available to the US market, we immediately brought in our favorites.  

-Tungsten vs Lead - 

The benefits of Tungsten are real and very noticeable.  Jigs made from Tungsten are 40% more compact than a jig of the same weight made of lead.   Simply put, you will notice a more direct connection to the bait with less scope while fishing vertically, especially  in deeper water and swift currents.     

Downsizing has proven effective when fish become finicky, tungsten now allows you to effectively fish ultra compact baits down to depths and in current conditions not previously fishable with lead.  

All Major Craft Tungsten Jigpara Jigs come pre-armed, and depending on size, are equipped with dual assist hooks or a combination of an assist hook and tail treble.  

Also available for purchase are some killer teaser assist hooks.  - Squid, Tinsel, Holographic Flash.