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The Hyperlastics Dartspin Pro is a unique bladed softbait that features unmatched toughness and versatility. Brought into existence by Patrick Sebile's A Band of Anglers, Hyperlastics lures are built from a proprietary Softough soft plastic material that is soft and pliable, yet extremely tough and durable.

The Softough construction of the Dartspin's minnow shaped body ensures an enticing swimming action and a wiggling fall, while the willow blade solidly embedded into its tail emits a flash and vibration that drive predatory game fish of all types absolutely mad.

The Dartspin's effectiveness knows no bounds, as it can be rigged in a wide variety of ways to catch all types of both fresh and saltwater game fish including largemouth bass, pike, striped bass, redfish, snook, tarpon, and even tuna! 

PLEASE NOTE: The Unrigged Dartspin Pro Duo Pack is 2 individual lures, packaged together, with no hook, so that you can use your own rigging setup. Picture shown is just an example of how one might be rigged.