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The original Cruiser series was a 10 inch, 7 oz casting stickbait that was designed to be a heavy subsurface lure that offered a straight tracking action with a tight head shimmy.  Even though the original Cruiser series was designed as a stickbait, anglers would use extra large hooks on this hefty lure to troll on a flatline between 4 and 6 knots.  Yellowfin, big eye tuna, the occasional wahoo and even marlin were caught on several occasions on the troll and they urged Merv to create a dedicated trolling lure for the fishery.  The first Cruiser-T (T for troll) designs were started in 2018, fine tuned, tested and finally completed for a 2021 release.

The Small Lure Company’s Cruiser-T retains majority of the swimming characteristics as the original stickbait.  It has a very tight subsurface head shake and is keel weighted to swim in an upright position even in heavy seas.  The lure has a built in high frequency rattle chamber and gives the lure an audible “click” similar to the noise of fleeing baitfish.  The UV additive on the solid cast head permeates through the water column so that predators can see the lure even in cloudy and low light conditions.

The Cruiser-T is available in 5 different sizes and 8 different color patterns, each representing some of the most predominant baitfish across the world.  Each lure pattern has been tested in various fisheries from the Carolinas, Australia, Hawaii and Africa and has successfully captured some of the most sought after big game species across the globe.  Each lure head comes with a color matched skirt to complete the baitfish it represents.

The Cruiser-T bullet head performs best in the center shotgun, flat line or short rigger positions.

This bullet style head can also be used as a stinger or used with a planer or downrigger for higher speed trolling.

Inspired by a StrategicAngler® subsurface stickbait, this will prove to be the most versatile lure in your trolling spread.

Average trolling speed: 4 to 12 knots