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A larger twitch/glide style bait for the Yo-Zuri line-up, the Hydro Twitchbait.  At 6 inches and 2-7/8 ounces and with its deep body, this lure has the profile needed to attract big gamefish species.

A slow sinking, lipless bait with a seductive side to side roll/wobble combination on a straight retrieve and a quick darting action on a twitch and pause retrieve.  This lure features through wire construction and 4X strength saltwater grade treble hooks and split rings that can handle any inshore or offshore big game species. 

It casts extremely well, with no tumble even in the wind, it has a great swimming action on a fast or slow rolled retrieve and has the terminal to tackle big fish. 

It’s a game changer for anglers chasing Striped Bass, Snook, Tarpon and Trevally inshore or Yellowfin, Bluefin and Blackfin Tuna offshore.