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-> Phil, thank you again for all your help setting me up. I went out today for the first time, and got my first tuna on the cape! Pretty surreal. All the gear worked perfectly and you gave me a huge amount of knowledge in a very short amount of time. Caught this guy off peaked hill towards Stellwagen on the purple 19” bar. Approx 160ft of water.   See you soon in the shop. 



My son Kai wanted a new fishing reel for his 16th birthday. On Sunday one of your sales associates spent more than 15 minutes with us explaining the differences between all the Shimano reels. He was extremely helpful(I wish I got his name) and we bought a Sustain 4000 XG.

This morning we went fishing and on my son’s first cast he caught 32” striper!

Thank you for your customer service, your fishing knowledge and the memories you create!

Paul Boudreau
Duxbury MA.

-> I have been fishing on the cape for 20 years primarily for striped bass but decided with a new bigger boat it was time to start to target tuna further offshore and really get into the bluefin tuna game.  I did some research watched some videos but i was still puzzled on gear and technique.  Quite a few seasoned fisherman at the cape all recommended I go talk to Phil Howarth at Goose Hummock. I have known Phil for about 5 years and had some basic conversations but when I told him I wanted to start bluefin tuna fishing there was a different look in his eyes, and a serious tone in his voice when he said follow me downstairs we are going to help you learn this art and how you are going to accomplish it. That first day I spent 4 hours just listening to everything he said explaining everything from winds to tides to water temperatures to make sure you get out there at first light. Once we determined how I was going to go about conquering these fish now came the gear. He outfitted me with the perfect gear and accessories for my budget! He knew what I needed and outfitted me and my boat with everything from crimping tools to the fish bag to take them home in. He took the time to draw diagrams for trolling and live lining.

He spent 2 hours just on rigging lines alone. Since March we have had a connection that go past consumer/ retailer. I’d like to think of it as Teacher/student, friend/ mate. So last Sunday we embarked on our first journey and caught 2 beautiful bluefin. So now the fun begins! Never catching one and not knowing how to care for it properly besides icing it in With a lot of ice what do I do? I call Phil at 645 am and he picked up on the first ring! His voice only said one thing, “ you got one didn’t you “? I said “ no Captain we got two” . He was just as excited as me. So he invited me to Goose Hummock for the proper care and taught me how to filet them from start finish!! As I was there word had spread on how the students good fortune had come as I received accolades and high fives from ever Goose team member that walked by!   Phil has gone above and beyond for me. His passion for the sport is off the charts. I just wanted to let everyone know Goose Hummock represents quality from the owner through the employees. Each one of them care and truly have a vested interest in your success. Needless to say I’m on team goose for life now as they are the capes best spot for service and quality gear!!



Michael Petrick

->For 10 years i have been chasing a Bluefin Tuna in Cape Cod. For most of those years i have known Phil Howarth from Goose Hummock. I visit the Cape once a year on vacation from Georgia to visit my in-laws so i always contact Phil in hopes we can fish while I'm in town. Over the years we have fished a couple of times but then also gotten rained out, boat issues or Phil was unavailable. Being a fishing guide for Stripers on lake lanier in Georgia i am well aware of how fishing works and how some days you catch em and other days no matter what you do you just can't get them to bite.  

Everything came together this 4th of July week and we got out on his gorgeous fishing machine his 44-foot Contender. This was hands down the most amazing boat I've ever been on and just being on that boat was a dream come true. Not only was the boat amazing but the crew was too, they all worked very hard to make it a memory filled day of Tuna fishing which it absolutely was. Phil and his crew were extremely knowledgeable about Tuna fishing and it only took us about 10 minutes till we had our fish Tuna on. Finally, this was my chance to accomplish my goal of 10 years and catch my first Bluefin. The team was a well-oiled machine, and everyone was doing their job to make sure we caught this beautiful fish. I listen as Phil told me exactly what, when and how to land this monster and after a few minute battle i had my first Bluefin boatside and what a beautiful creature it was. As we continued fishing we landed 4 more solid Tuna before trying to catch a "Giant". In order to catch a giant we needed live bait and Phil knew right where to go so we spent 5 minutes and caught all the mackerel we needed. We didn't end up getting a giant that day but that didn't make this day any less special and amazing to me.  

Side note: i am a double amputee from a train accident in 1996 where i lost one leg below my knee and one above my knee so it is very difficult to balance on a boat in the ocean much less fight a giant Tuna so i was a bit nervous about how i was going to be able to catch one of these massive fish but Phil and I came up with a game plan and i fought the first from the rod holder but on my 2nd fish i actually fought it standing up which was a huge accomplishment.

Overall, this was one of the greatest days I've ever had fishing and it is all because of Capt. Phil Howarth and the Team Goose crew that made it so special and there's no one I'd rather be out there with than these guys. Thanks Phil and Team Goose


-Gavin Cloy


Ian was amazing. He helped me pick out the right lure and explained why. I came back got braid put on my reel, I came back a 3rd time because I was struggling to use it. Ian fixed the issue then took my fish pole out to the dock and showed me how to prevent wind knots and gave me some casting pointers. He was super patient and understanding with my lack of knowledge. Thank you Ian and goose hummock."

 -Paul Derr