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      Designed with an emphasis on hassle-free fishing, the Berkley Trilene XL Clear minimizes kinks and twists to provide a smooth, easy casting monofilament line that works for a variety of baits and techniques. Built with incredibly low memory, the Berkley Trilene XL Clear offers castability and superb knot strength.

      Model Test Yards
      XLFS2-15 2 lb 330 yds
      XLFS4-15 4 lb 330 yds
      XLFS6-15 6 lb 330 yds
      XLFS8-15 8 lb 330 yds
      XLFS10-15 10 lb 300 yds
      XLFS12-15 12 lb 300 yds
      XLFS14-15 14 lb 300 yds
      XLFS17-15 17 lb 300 yds
      XLFS20-15 20 lb 270 yds
      XLFS25-15 25 lb 270 yds
      XLFS30-15 30 lb 250 yds