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The BKK Crusader is an assist hook developed to cater to heavy-duty salt-water lure fishing and can be a performing alternative to common treble hooks, when reduction of torsional forces is most needed.

In fact, the hollow-core assist cord provides more freedom of motion to the hook, resulting in a heightened hook up ratio and in a lower chance of the hook coming off.

Besides, the single hook causes less damage to the fish, allowing for an easy and fast release.

Additionally, shimmering fibers have been added to further enhance the attractiveness of your topwater lures. Finally, a strong in-line solid ring allows for an easy and strong connection to the split ring.

  • Hand-ground technology delivers the best penetration performance and resistance thanks to the peculiar section of the point.
  • Forged shank to increase robustness and bright tin coating provide great saltwater corrosion resistance.
  • In-line solid ring guarantees a strong connection to the lure.
  • Hollow-core assist cord provides freedom of motion to the hook when setting into the fish's mouth.
  • Shimmering fibers to equip the hook presentation with extra glare and attractiveness.

Size Quantity
8/0 thru 11/0 2 per pack