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Expedition Kayaking - the premier guide to sea kayaking adventure - offers vital instruction for solo kayakers and expedition leaders alike on paddling, seamanship, camping, rescue techniques, and more.

Derek C. Hutchinson, the leading international authority on sea kayaking, draws on his decades of experience to provide sage advice and advanced techniques for paddling the ocean, whether on a coastal jaunt or on an extended sea voyage. Inside you'll find full-color photos and illustrations, excerpts from the writings of early explorers, practical tips, and the author's own wit and wisdom to enhance any oceangoing experience.

Also inside:

  • The origins of the sea kayak
  • Essential equipment
  • Handling wind, surf, and currents
  • Self-rescues and group rescues
  • Navigation techniques
  • First aid and wilderness medicine
  • Repairs and towing
  • Hazardous wildlife
  • Tandem kayaks and sailing rigs
  • Handling dangerous situations
  • Setting up camp
  • Survival strategies
  • Trip planning and more

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