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Gamakatsu Weighted Superline EWG Hooks feature a strategically-placed lead weight that increases your casting distance and helps your rig sink faster into the strike zone. This little weight also stabilizes the bait for a more natural presentation. These hooks also sport an extra wide gap, allowing you to use larger baits while giving fish more room to bite. If you enjoy flipping or pitching in heavy cover, Weighted Superline EWG Hooks are perfect for punching through weeds without the need for any added sinkers.

  • Weighted freshwater fishing hooks
  • Strategically placed lead weight helps rig sink, stabilizes bait for natural tracking, and improves casting distance
  • EWG Extra Wide Gap can fit bigger bait while giving fish more room to bite
  • Forged, heavy wire material capable of handling braided Superline
  • Sharp, barbed point


Model Size Weight Quantity
74412-1/16 2/0 1/16 5 per pack
74413-1/16 3/0 1/16 5 per pack
74413-1/8 3/0 1/8 5 per pack
74414-1/16 4/0 1/16 5 per pack
74414-1/8 4/0 1/8 5 per pack
74415-1/16 5/0 1/16 5 per pack
74415-1/8 5/0 1/8 5 per pack