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The Owner Ultra Round Jig Head is a ball head jig designed for rigging soft plastic baits such as gruba and small swimbaits. The round jig head is molded around a light wire, round bend, black chrome Owner 5318 Super Needle Point Jig Hook for easy penetration and holding power, without compromising the integrity of smaller, finesse plastics.

Whether you are swimming a paddle tail, hopping a creature, or shaking a worm, the Owner Ultrahead Round Jig Head is a great choice for a host of applications.

Model Size Weight Quantity
5145-018 2/0 1/16 oz 5 per pack
5145-028 2/0 1/8 oz 5 per pack
5145-038 2/0 3/16 oz 5 per pack
5145-048 3/0 1/4 oz 5 per pack