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Carefully engineered to be the most advanced jig heads you'll ever use, the RonZ Big Game Series Heads are well equipped to battle the mighty bluefin tuna. Featuring one-of-a-kind features like a swiveling-eye line tie and a signature swing-hook design, the Big Game Series Jig Head will rise to the occasion when others fail.

These features combine to minimize torque and leverage over the hook while the hooked fish changes direction and violently head shakes. By mobilizing the tow point, the actual hook itself is more likely to remain in a fixed position and not damage the puncture point in the fish's mouth, resulting in fewer pulled hooks and more landed fish. Medium Heavy models are built with a swiveling eye and a fixed Owner Long Shank Ballyhoo Jig Hook, while the Heavy Duty Models are built with swiveling eyes through-wire connected to a Gamakatsu HD Live Bait Hook.

All of the Big Game Series Jig Heads pair flawlessly with either the 8" or 10" RonZ Tails and feature the same Hydro-Head technology as the Original Series that gives the attached soft bait a tantalizing swimming action.

  • 4 oz pure tin head
  • 500lb Spro Swivel Eye
  • 500lb Through-Wire
  • 9/0 Gamakatsu HD LIve Bait Hook
  • 1 head per pack