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      The Savage Gear 3D Glide Bait is a slow-sinking, erratic-swimming, big-fish lure that glides through the water like a real slab-sided bait fish. A slow, steady retrieve will have the Shine Glide moving naturally in a side-to-side searching motion; just pop the rod tip to make it dart frantically in a new direction.

      It features an ultra-realistic 3D scanning texture and finish that looks lifelike in the water.


      • Slow-sinking, erratic-swimming, big-fish lure
      • Gliding swimbait with ultra-lifelike action
      • Deadly on bass, pike, and muskies
      • Side-to-side searching action on a slow retrieve
      • Can be popped and twitched for darting moves
      • Realistic 3D texture and finish
      • Top-quality hooks and hardware
      Model Weight Length Type
      SG-135 1 oz 5 1/4" Slow Sinking