G5 QUEST STORM 23/60 23-27 RH PL/BK

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SKU: PKG.R.23.60-PLBK G5

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No two archers are the same; which is why one bow doesn’t fit all. The Quest Storm is designed for archers who demand a bow that is not made for the masses. The Quest Storm features a Stabilite riser with a slimmer grip for better control, a Fluid SD cam with a smaller fit for better performance, and a lower draw weight range for a more comfortable hold. The Quest Storm is made for those who demand more in a bow without having more of a bow. Features: fluid cam, forged machined 6061 aluminum riser, durafuse finish, and string suppressor. Speed: 290 FPS (40 lbs, 27″ draw), axle to axle: 31″, brace height: 7″, weight: 3.7 lbs., draw length: 23″-27.5″ (half inch increments).

  • 6061 Forged machined Construction
  • Standard DTH package
  • Axel to axel: 31”, weight 3.7 lbs, brace height 7″
  • Wider Limb for greater stability
  • Brace height: 7"
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Adjusts from 30-60 lbs