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      The TruCourse Rudder Assembly is a radical new kayak rudder system with unique practical and high-performance features. The multi-position blade enables kayakers to adjust rudder depth to suit conditions. The foil-shaped blade slices through the water with minimum drag. It is very lightweight. The rudder weighs only 1.4 pounds. The rudder pulls up and slips forward when not in use. Quiet when pulled up. No loud clunk to chase away the fish and wildlife when coming into shallow water. Tough, durable engineered injection molded polymer and stainless steel components ensure top performance and reliability. Can be attached to most kayaks designed for rudder with the use of the proper mounting gudgeon. 

      • Kit includes TruCourse™ Rudder, Kayak Adjustable Foot brace with Rudder Control and most materials needed to attach a rudder to a kayak.
      • Constructed of durable Injection Molded Fiberglass/Nylon
      • Rudder & Foot braces made in the USA (Everett, WA)