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    Crystal 3D Minnow’s patented and proprietary Internal 3D Prism Finish reflects all subsurface light, even in the murkiest water. There are several traditionally successful methods for fishing this well-known bait, including a retrieve & pause, slow to moderate retrieve, or a twitch-pause-retrieve fashion. The erratic side-to-side swimming action and brilliant Internal 3D Prism flash attracts all types of gamefish. This series now includes some of Yo-Zuri’s most popular selling fresh and saltwater colors.

    • Internationally Patented Internal 3D Prism Finish
    • Rattle ball sound system
    • Saltwater grade tin hooks
    • Highly detailed design-Life like gill plates
    • Unique erratic swimming action
    • Stainless steel split rings
    Model Weight Length
    F1147 3/4 oz 5 1/4"